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2010 Nationwide Worship Song Contest Winner -
Gretchen Mertes

"New Prayer Song"


Gretchen Weller Mertes came out of the womb singing, and hasn't stopped yet.  


In a past life, she toured around the countryside in true Lutheran Rockstar fashion, playing at youth gatherings and churches across the country, and sharing the stage with other Lutheran royalty such as Rachel Kurtz, Dave Scherer, Jonathan Rundman, Peder Eide, and many more.  


One time, Gretchen's band 'The Pull' won a Madison Area Music Award for best 'Other' album, much to their gladness and surprise.  (Those Madison rockers never knew what to do with an album about Jesus.  But at least they knew good music when they heard it!)  


Today, Gretchen is the associate pastor and 9am music leader at Our Redeemer's Lutheran in Seattle, WA.  Previously she was the mission developer for Luther’s Table, a ministry of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Renton, WA.  


Gretchen also enjoys raising her daughter Advent and son Weller with her husband and bass player, Ryan.  














Nationwide Song Contest
Enter your best Lutheran alternative worship song.
Up to two winning songs will be published in the next volume of Songs For Worship!
1) The song must be original, and entirely your own composition.  Your song may be a collaboration of more than one person.
2) The composer(s) must be Lutheran: ELCA, LCMS, WELS, LWF, Lutheran Brethren, Apostolic Lutheran, Church of Norway, Church of Sweden, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia, etc.
3) Record the song in a MP3, M4A, or similar format.
4) Send the MP3 and lyrics to
Our panel of judges will be the singer-songwriters of volume 2 of Lutheran Songs Today.
* consistency of lyrics rooted in Lutheran theology and practice
* sing-ability of melody
* play-ability of music by instrumentalists

The Lutheran magazine says,

"When Martin Luther was frustrated that there wasn't music in the language of the people and the Reformation, he wrote hymns for worship. The same has happened today: Let your worship leaders know about Lutheran Songs Today. . . and you'll discover a wealth of wonderful songs for more than just youth gatherings."

reported by Tom Lyberg,

Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Findlay, Ohio,

and host of the Wired Jesus Podcast